February Support Project

Hello Community!    

Some of you may have noticed there was not a February project drive. Even without having done one I have enough to make a donation.    

This is a month of firsts; first donation to a Community Member, and 1st international donation. It will be awarded toward a Community Art Fund. 

One member has worked tirelessly behind the scenes, helping the QSI Family. He was awarded a donation of $250 USD to his Lobstr Account.  

We also gave 2 NFTs away as part of the February is Love month. Congratulations! 🎉 to both K Collins and Chris Hawkins who were randomly selected QSI Community Members.  


The 1st was given to the 14th person to add their Stellar Address as a Comment to post on our Telegram Channel. They received a specially minted Valentine’s Day NFT.    

The 2nd went to a GRVY Holder, they received the NFT of their choice. She selected one from our listings on Litemint.

NFT Winners were thrilled to receive some of our newest released NFTs, and the Art Fund winner was overwhelmed with your generosity. He purchased a drawing pad for his computer! 

Winners were selected on February 28th and announced March 1st on the QSI Channel. 

Please pass the 𝒢𝓇𝒶𝓋𝓎 🙏🏻 


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