February Support Project

Hello Community!    

Some of you may have noticed there was not a February project drive. Even without having done one I have enough to make a donation.    

This is a month of firsts; first donation to a Community Member, and 1st international donation. It will be awarded toward a Community Art Fund. 

One member has worked tirelessly behind the scenes, helping the QSI Family. He was awarded a donation of $250 USD to his Lobstr Account.  

We also gave 2 NFTs away as part of the February is Love month. Congratulations! 🎉 to both K Collins and Chris Hawkins who were randomly selected QSI Community Members.  


The 1st was given to the 14th person to add their Stellar Address as a Comment to post on our Telegram Channel. They received a specially minted Valentine’s Day NFT.    

The 2nd went to a GRVY Holder, they received the NFT of their choice. She selected one from our listings on Litemint.

NFT Winners were thrilled to receive some of our newest released NFTs, and the Art Fund winner was overwhelmed with your generosity. He purchased a drawing pad for his computer! 

Winners were selected on February 28th and announced March 1st on the QSI Channel. 

Please pass the 𝒢𝓇𝒶𝓋𝓎 🙏🏻 


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Introducing GeekMom NFT’s on Litemint

We’re elated to share the news about the new NFT Collections we’ve been working on! 📢

We’ve got 4 completed and 3 already listed at Litemint

– IF Dogs were People

– Cemetery in Blues

– The Thinker Series

– States in Picture Art (coming soon)

LiteMint is built on the Stellar network and has easy features to connect to your Lobstr wallet. Other wallet options are also available.

Join today and ❤ your favorites! 

Stay tuned for the 4th to collection to drop soon.

Introducing our Newest Token XPO

I’d like to introduce our latest Token, eXPOnential $XPO, to you. Feel free to read more about it in our Whitepaper 📃 and/or check it out at Lobstr, please verify you have the correct domain as we already have a copycat!

Official Domain: geekmom.stellarmint.io  

Token Description

eXPOnential is a Market Making Token on Stellar that serves as a bridge in the payment rails between anchors, stable and Stellar native assets. XPO also serves as a method for individuals to get involved in Cryptocurrency with minimal expense to start adding tokens to their Stellar wallet. Our vision is that one day XPO may be adopted by small businesses to enhance the availability of payment processing via crypto.

Conditions of Token

There are 139,200,000,000 XPO tokens available today. Tokens will be released slowly into the Stellar ecosystem. Further conditions will be discussed in our Whitepaper coming out in January 2022.

As noted in the previous post our Whitepaper vs 1.5 is out! We will be making more announcements shortly on how we intend to make both our Tokens deflationary with Burns to come in the near future.

Whitepaper vs 1.5 Published

I’m happy to say we have a completed our Whitepaper 🎉 and would like to present it to the community. 🏩 

It’s been a while in the making to get to the latest version 1.5. I think you’ll like what you find about Geek Mom’s tokens.

We’re excited to get some feedback from your community too!

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You Did it Again!

Once again we upped our donation amount for the month of January. We are pleased to announce that on behalf of our Crypto Community we were able to make a donation in your honor with Abolish Slavery, a group that has been leading the way in fighting Human Trafficking for nearly 2 decades. Well done team!

We’re happy to also report that we received a “special thanks” from the lead investigator that works with the Foundation and is the badass that actually goes in and does the actual rescues of trafficked children! We are proud to call him our friend.

Get Some Gravy! Fight Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the exploitation of another person for domestic servitude, labor or commercial sexual activity by force, fraud or coercion.

Human trafficking victims are referenced as “hidden in plain sight.” This is because individuals either lack the awareness they are being victimized or fears repercussions if they report it, Human trafficking can happen to anyone.

Join me in recognizing Jan. 11 as National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

Together, we can help identify, intervene and support those impacted by trafficking.

YOU can help by

Getting some 𝓖𝓻𝓪𝓿𝔂 🙏🏻


Follow AS on Instagram: Instagram.com/abolishslavery

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Many Thanks from CDF

Today we received a personal note from The Children’s Diabetes Foundation for the Donation made on behalf of our community. We happily assisted in purchasing Holiday Assistance gift cards for 14 Children!

I couldn’t have done this without you! Thank you to everyone that participated in the December drive for Holiday Assistance.

Julie & Henry

A-Z Rescue thru Rehabilitation

In one sentence… A-Z rescue through rehabilitation. That is Abolish Slavery’s mission. Other orgs talk about trafficking. But the problem is, they only do part of the work required to reintroduce trafficked victims back into society. They are not willing or do not have the capacity to do the work required.

These are the areas Abolish Slavery excels in. The investigative work to find trafficked persons, then implement a plan to rescue them. Then the hard part starts. What saves lives is taking care of these victims after they are rescued. Including not only their, necessary immediate, needs but also travel and accommodations to ensure victims have everything they need to succeed.

Rehabilitation is by and large the most costly component. AS invests that time and effort, in victims, to ensure they are less vulnerable nor prone to return to the trafficking circle. But ready, to re-enter society a whole person. Through clothing, medical necessities, psychology, education, tuitions, cellphones and laptops can help cross the digital divide. Many victims are able to learn to read and write, finish school, and get a GED.

Your generous help can make this happen.

Get some 𝓖𝓻𝓪𝓿𝔂 🙏🏻


To learn more:


Slave Hunter: Freeing Victims of Human Trafficking https://www.amazon.com/dp/1439177589/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_F7RD3T6KMB1CHRX2BZ13

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