January Charity Fights Human Trafficking

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January Support Announcement

January 11th is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day; the day America stops to raise awareness of the persistent issue of human trafficking. Many of you will remember Miriam’s story about the man affectionately dubbed “The Slave Hunter”.

Abolish Slavery Coalition is the Foundation that helps fund his missions in the fight against Human Trafficking. It is the charity your support will assist this January 11th.

Abolish Slavery is a human rights organization dedicated to rescuing persecuted people from positions of vulnerability, assisting them on the road to recovery, and providing aftercare for the survivors and their family’s long term. It’s an organization I have supported personally for over 10 years.

They support human trafficking victims, runaway children, displaced foster children, abused boys and girls. These and Amber Alerts are all in desperate need of services and the need has exceeded the capacity. This vulnerable population is highest at risk for human trafficking and with a 30% increase in caseloads due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there is an urgent need in the community for advocates to handle the sheer volume of cases. You can help today!

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