Introducing our Newest Token XPO

I’d like to introduce our latest Token, eXPOnential $XPO, to you. Feel free to read more about it in our Whitepaper 📃 and/or check it out at Lobstr, please verify you have the correct domain as we already have a copycat!

Official Domain:  

Token Description

eXPOnential is a Market Making Token on Stellar that serves as a bridge in the payment rails between anchors, stable and Stellar native assets. XPO also serves as a method for individuals to get involved in Cryptocurrency with minimal expense to start adding tokens to their Stellar wallet. Our vision is that one day XPO may be adopted by small businesses to enhance the availability of payment processing via crypto.

Conditions of Token

There are 139,200,000,000 XPO tokens available today. Tokens will be released slowly into the Stellar ecosystem. Further conditions will be discussed in our Whitepaper coming out in January 2022.

As noted in the previous post our Whitepaper vs 1.5 is out! We will be making more announcements shortly on how we intend to make both our Tokens deflationary with Burns to come in the near future.

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